Other Works

The Demoiselle of Bucharest

Lilou's second novel is a super-sexy spy romance set in Bucharest. In the final days of the Cold War, Marina is a gorgeous, young American spy who works undercover as a Romanian prostitute. During the 1989 revolution, Marina strays terribly off mission. She loses not only her career position with the CIA, but naively betrays her “client,” confidante, and true love, Petru.

Fast-forward to the present day. Gypsies are causing unrest in Romania. Given her experience dealing with underworld operatives in that region of the world, the CIA calls Marina out of (forced) retirement and sends her back to Bucharest. She has the opportunity to professionally redeem herself and track down her long lost love. If Marina finds Petru, will he again desire her? Or seek to destroy her?

Stories from The Haven

An intimate collection of erotic short stories. Part semi-autobiographic, part fantasy, sometimes humorous, sometimes heart wrenching, these five tales are set in New Haven, Connecticut, where the author lived for 15 years.
  • A Day in The Life of A Pixie
  • Breakup Sex
  • Push as Hard as You Can
  • Screwzi's
  • Glamour Town

Paris, 1989

Pandora and Hugo - a self-absorbed artist and an aerospace geek from L.A. - are at the top of their games when they visit Paris. But it is 1989 and their narcissistic worlds are about to change. Genre: Literary Erotica.